Health Equity Resources

Health Equity Reports


In 2017, staff reported on healthTIDE's progress in approaching our work through an equity lens. Although there were many exciting efforts taking place, staff recognized that they had a lot of work ahead to better support partners in centering equity into their work and to improve diversity and inclusion within the network.


To better understand these gaps and identify ways to center equity into healthTIDE's infrastructure and work, healthTIDE contracted a community partner to conduct an equity analysis of the network. 

Action Steps


The Health Equity Report includes a comprehensive list of recommended action steps that the network should take to center equity into our shared work. These are the top 3 short and medium-term staff and network actions that should be taken to make progress on those efforts. 

Short Term (1-2 Years)
Equity Report Executive Summary (Final2)
Medium Term (2-4 Years)
Equity Report Executive Summary (Final2)

Capacity Building Resource List


Below is a list of organizations, agencies, coalitions, and networks that regularly release key equity-related resources that can help increase knowledge, capacity, and skills to move on the action steps above. This is an editable document so please add any additional resources that you know of to help other healthTIDE partners center equity in our shared health efforts.



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